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Think Talk Do Psychology

Psychology That Actually Helps

Thinking better - feeling better

Think Talk Do has been providing face-to-face psychological services to children, tweens adolescents, adults and families in the Ballarat and Goldfields districts of Western Victoria for over 10 years. We now also provide in office and Telehealth services - meaning you can access our leading therapy, counselling, intervention and assessment services no matter where you are and in 2023 will be offering in-home services.  We don't just talk the talk, here at TTD we walk the walk. We value each and every client and seek to understand their individual situation and issues. We strive to provide evidence-based best practice assessments interventions and therapy to actually help you - and we strive to keep our services affordable. That's why so many of our clients speak highly of us, refer family or friends or are happy to talk to us in the community where we live.  

Our Team

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